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Quantum Flash Web Design
P.O. Box 2751
Richmond, IN 47375
Phone: (765) 962-8103
FAX: (765) 965-7232

Quantum Flash Web Design is truly unique in its experience and skill with combining rich interfaces with e-business systems.

Working with the improved ODBC compatibility of Flash MX, our products can be deployed with advanced, interactive interfaces such as Flash-based shopping carts, interactive scheduling calendars, order forms, product catalogues and many other features for hybrid Flash/HTML or full Flash design sites that it can modify and deploy for your specific needs.

Interactive presentations and multimedia ensure your business that visitors will return again and again not just for the quality of information, products, and services that you provide, but also to be entertained in the process.

Conventional wisdom says that developing an e-commerce site must be either expensive or time consuming (i.e., requiring you to "do-it-yourself", potentially with unsatisfactory results). Another alternative, compromise solution is pre-packaged e-commerce sites that attempt to fit businesses into a box (unsuccessfully).

Quantum Flash Web Design provides an affordable, custom e-commerce development approach that involves neither the aforementioned conventional opinion nor compromise. We integrate e-commerce components, including online catalogues, shopping carts and payment systems, to meet your needs. We add our top-notch yet affordable design and multimedia development.

The result is an attractive, functional, and affordable web site that nevertheless is customized to your particular business' needs.

Audio/visual communication always motivates users' more effectively than literature, and the web is not different in this respect. Combined with the power of personalization and interactivity (which provides choice), multimedia interfaces and presentations remain fresh and interesting.

Unlike traditional online promotional tools such as banner ads or static web sites, merge seamlessly into people's web surfing experience. Quantum Flash Web Design delivers all this with talented graphic design, 3D animations, Flash design and strong art direction.

Our comprehensive approach to online brand development ensures that your story will be told with impact. We look forward to working with your team of business professionals to develop the ultimate online experience, within budget, and on time.

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